海豹油.Harp Seal Oil


The seal introduces

Scientific term:Phoca vitulina

The seal grows a seal section animal to know together as to the fin foot second eyes, this is the animal that a type of body becomes spindle type of figure, arms and legs to change a fin form especially, the head of the seal the circle neck is short, there is no external ear Kuo, because their faces minister's being like cat to get a seal thus are two animals of other sections(sea lion section, walrus section) by distinguishing fin foot second eyes.They adapt the life in the ocean highly, most time at ocean mile activity, spread all over the whole waters, be known as the majority of amount in the South pole littoral.

The familiar seal has:Spot seal, piano seal, hat seal etc..


The product describes:

Do seal oil and fish oil have why not and together?

The seal oil has arteriosclerosis of prevent from, reducing high blood pressure and cholesterol, promoting brain function with see nerve function to develop, anti-cancer, anti-cancer etc.effect.But what notable differentiation does the seal oil have actually in function and quality top in the fish oil.


(1) The dissimilarity of numerator organization belongs to the same in the constant temperature mammal due to the seal and the mankind, seal oil of numerator structure is dissimilarity from fish oil, and it the high effect nourishment had the composition behaves a body more easily absorb. 


(2) Have to there is a set of special lipid-soluble live material in a kind of lipid-soluble live material natural seal oil of high nourishment, this being the general fish oil doesn't have. The seal is in below zero 20 degrees harsh environment which goes to below zero 40 degreeses existence, want to sneak in several ice water with deep ten meters Pu a food fish again in the meantime, descend time of Qian each time from don't wait for for 7-40 minutes.This kind of live material is what the seal is under this kind of harsh environment free existence essential. The seal is similar to the mankind, belonging to the same in the constant temperature mammal, and it is often super to exist to have necessarily inside the ability manifestation its body a the whole set of high ability living creature metabolism mechanism and related material, it the lipid-soluble part reflect in the seal oil, this kind of material has to strengthen figure very strongly Jian body, through live blood, the benefit life postpones a year, preventing cancer anti-cancer wait for a different function especially.This kind of movable material for regulate and raise the immunity power of human body self contain special result.For because the self immunity power reduces and produce of various disease,such as type, rheumatism arthritis, erythema lupus etc. contain prevention and curative effect function.  Aim at this a series of phenomenon under way the research of overall system. 


(3) Abundant overall Omega3 the unsaturated fatty acids are sour and the corn Sha is sparse:


The general fish oil only contains EPA and DHA, containing rarely even don't contain DPA, and the DPA is just the necessary composition which raises the power indispensability of the human body immunity.Seal oil's not only hasing EPA and DHA, but also having abundant DPA, DPA is in the human milk can't few important nourishment composition, develop to emphasize to want a function to the new born baby's immunity power development and intelligence, the corn Sha is sparse to have an anti-cancer to wait for effect.


(4) The oiliness lifts pure source a pure degree high, the fish oil refines and becomes from the Zang inside the fish, fish head and the fish bone probably, withdrawing process complicated and can't avoid bringing various bad material into, and the seal oil is the natural oil that the simplicity lifts to come out purely from the fat of seal, very clean and pure hygiene.The seal oil adoption lives at the temperature strict and cold and clean north at below zero 40 degreeses of harp seal for raw material, was processed by modern science and technology to refine, refined and become. 



Omega-3 fatty acids

EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid)DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid)





Seal oil's function to diabetes:

Speak of in one book(Health Revolution) according to the Rober Atkins of the medical science Doctor:Find to the EFAs research according to five years, in the OMEGA-3 the fatty acids contained to the diabetes in the heart, kidney and eyes of and deliver the disease contain profound function.


 OMEGA-3 in contain of the fatty acids is thought to be preventing diabetes from alleviating solving diabetes and deliver a disease to play important role, in the food say of is the second category with what fat have connection the diabetes of the type, these are the disease that a kind of saturated fat excess and unsaturated fatty acid are sour and opposite to lack of.  Its appearance mainly is reduce a film because of food method of liquidity,lead with the result that reducing of insulin tie cell membrane of nerve ending, or reduced the function of insulin.  The appearance which compares oils OMEGA-3s raised a generation toxin function.The extensive research shows sex to usually take the few OMEGA-3 for measuring has and can repress effectively the second category type diabetes of development, besides, the living creature research finds OMEGA-3 to can prevent insulin antibody from developing in the fatty acids contained.  All liquidities of these evidence explanation change films play decisive role in the second category the type the diabetes.


The diabetes condition of illness of typical model goes up and is subjected to the long-term threat that the artery hardens for the cholesterol level.  Can see from the previous explanation, study have already proven, the OMEGA-3 is really recovering the flexible peace glide vein wall of artery wall to have important function, it is still recognized


The function and the advantage of seal oil:

As everyone knows because of factors of circumstance, the Eskimo of neighborhood of life at Arctic Region's almost coulding not eat fruit and vegetable can only take the seal oil and fish as to get, but almost have no diseases such as modern people familiar heart cerebral disease, high blood pressure and cancer etc., on the medical science this always is fan.  In the last 20 years, the medical science scientist starts paying attention to with the research seal's growth to mankind, health and disease of influence and function and solve the effect of difficulty disease.  In 1972 Dr.The Baug& Dyerberg announced a concerning the seal oil relationship with of above-mentioned phenomenon and the research article, for"Eskimo because of eating seal and fish, few coronary artery cirrhosis of the occurrence heart and high blood pressure disease more".  From then on pass a more thorough medical science research, find understanding releases the reason of this kind of medical science phenomenon, is the OMEGA-3 which all has different category in the seal oil and in the fish oil many carbon unsaturated fatty acids are sour, this kind of OMEGA-3 have another the on bed terms fatty acids mainly has three kinds of important compositions:EPA: C20:5, DPA:C22:5, DHA:C22:6, among them various content about is:the EPA is , DPA,DHA:This kind of composition has special effect towards preventing and from curing various disease with cerebral heart and high blood pressure diseases all.

Because the seal resource is extremely rarely seen to wait for conditional restriction, from the certain degree upper limit system people to seal oil of understanding.For safeguarding oceanic ecosystem balance,from 19



The EPA is been called blood detergent by the expert, the arteriosclerosis, heart blood vessel bolts to fill, the diseases such as myocardial infarction, apoplexy and high blood pressure etc. are in times gone by the mankind's living healthy big enemies.  Was studied by the experts to find, the EPA main function is effectively in the blood to help to make a certain prostaglandin(Prostaglandin) this kind of prostaglandin to repress blood platelets concretion, reducing blood to bolt formation,preventing blood from bolting phenomenon, can reduce cholesterol in the meantime,reduce the triglyceride and the blood in the blood sticky and dense degree, keep blood circulation of unimpeded.EPA can also effectively of carry on cleaning to the afferent wall,reduce a blood fat,then also reach to reduce blood to bolt formative result.So the EPA has extremely good effect towards preventing and curing a coronary artery hardening heart attack,artery to harden,the heart cerebral diseases such as myocardial infarction, apoplexy and high blood pressure etc..



The DHA is so called brain gold, the DHA content can reach to so, and the content is higher to reach to in the lecithin seeing retina, behaving brain fatty acids in of natural constitute part,is the important factor of intelligence development and exaltation intelligence quotient. Have very big function to the development of the human body nervous system and the application of the nerve function in the meantime, also strengthen brain function more towards enhancing brain nerve and seeing the retina cell contain of great account function, can make the brain nerve cell have flexibility then and more and.People along with the growth of age, DHA content in the brain would opposite decrease,belong to function aging,as a result will produce forgetful with dull-witted etc.phenomenon, absorb seal oil in of DHA is to because the year is old and mutually