Vitamin D2



Vitamin D2

English: VitaminD2 ; Viosterol

Chien writes to pronounce:GHC

Don't call: The bone turns Chun, wheat corn calcify Chun, D two vegetables, calcify Chuns, anti- rickets vegetables

The category belonged to:The vitamin AD belongs to


Soften the disease, infant lanky disease of Chu Nuo and the prevention vitamin D to lack of disease etc. in the prevention and cure rickets disease, bone


[The pharmacology and application]

Have the importance influence to the calcium Lin metabolism and the child skeleton growth, can promote the calcium, Lin absorb in the small intestines, it metabolizes the live material can promote the kidney is small to take care of to the calcium of absorption, may also promote to the phosphoric absorption.

When the vitamin D lack of, the human body absorbs the calcium Lin ability to descend, the calcium Lin level in blood is lower, the calcium Lin can't organize up the deposition in the skeleton, the ossification function gets difficulty, even the bone salt fuses again.

Call the rickets disease at the child, calls the bone softens a disease at the adult.

Descend obviously as the blood calcium, appear lanky Chu Nuo, surprised Jue etc. condition of illness, familiar in lack of the infant of the vitamin D, also call lanky disease etc. of Chu Nuo of infant.

Also has a close relation to growth of the tooth, the rickets patient's is each and have the Qu Chi, can use to prevent and cure.


Dosage usage

1.Cure a rickets disease:Take orally units on 1st, about need the condition of illness beginning to disappear after month change to use the prevention quantity namely.If can't take orally a , advanced case a patient the muscle Zhu, once  units, as the demand, 1 after month again the muscle Zhu is once, 2 total amounts are more than  units not.Use the big amount of vitamin if lack calcium, should take orally  calcium chlorides s once, use 2~ on 3rd 3 times on 1st.

2.Infant lanky disease of Chu Nuo:Take orally units on 1st, 1 after month change for everyday is units.

3.Prevent the vitamin from lacking of disease:The 1st of infant kept with the female milk hello is  units, the gestation expects to be when it's necessary on 1st  units.

Special note

In great quantities long, can cause high blood calcium, appetite and flap, don't vomit, diarrhea, even soft organize a different bit bone to turn etc..If the kidney function is damaged, can appear to urine much, albuminuria, kidney function decrease etc..

The pregnant woman usage surfeit, can with the result that embryo the valve top aorta is narrow, the blood vessel is damaged, A form side the gland function suppress to make and make new born baby long-term low blood sugar to have muscular spasms, past should to attention.

The city sells the cod-liver oil product in, contain a great deal of vitamin , long-term a great deal of usage, cause the vitamin easily chronic poisoned, past treatment the rickets disease is proper to use a pure vitamin product.

Inject to compare to take orally to be poisoned easily in addition.

Baby's kid takes over a long period of time and again excessive, can make the mind and body develop dilatoriness and face to permit ugly, the kidney function crock up to die by going to.

Can also cause vexed thirst, urine much, the intelligence change etc..


二、The chemistry type of the vitamin D2:

Molecular formula C28 H44 Oses

Opposite molecular weight 396.66

The Rong orders() 115-117

Crystallize for the white needle form, have no smelly tasteless

Don't be dissolved in a water, is dissolved in the ethanol, B ether, chloroform, acetone and plant oil easily





三、The effect of the vitamin D2:

The vitamin D2(Ergocaliciferol), the vitamin D3(Cholecalciferol);Anti- rickets disease factor

The main structure homology of the vitamin D2 and D3, a single key, a pair keys.Eating calcium and drinking milk can't the reason of the absorbability, lie in being in need of vitamin D.At the health food sold on the market, the vitamin AN and D certainly is match together, and become a certain comparison, if the Ka signs the comparison of the A, D in Ba to , this is general adult, need to be measured everyday of comparison.

One physiology and function

Depending on the ultraviolet ray activates, synthesizing in the skin.The liver synthesizes 25(OH) D3s, the kidney synthesizes 1,25(OH) D3s.Absorb also need gall.Function for regulate calcium with the phosphoric absorption, move and skeleton of calcify function.Absorb in great quantities poison also.


2 lacking influence

Child the rickets disease, the skeleton is soft and the frailty, joint is fatty greatly, the legs flection become the bow form, chest Kuo, spinal column, pelvis, skeleton abnormal, deliver tooth dilatoriness.The infant has muscular spasms a disease, adult's bone softens.


3 need to be measured everyday

Unit:the l μ g=40 IUs(international unit)

6 month infants

4 important sources

(1) Food source

A great deal of source:sea fish, egg yolk, cod-liver oil, enhance milk, activate solid Chun and take a sunbathe.

A little amount source:the existence cream cheese, liver, salmon, sardine in.

The each  egg yolkses contain, the sea fish contains, enhancing the artificial butter to contain a , the butter contains a , the cheese contains a , the meat contains a 4 IUs, the milk contains a .


(2) In the sun ultraviolet ray

After projecting light upon in the skin, in the body of to the hydrogen cholesterol(7-dehydrocholesterol) after ultraviolet ray projecting light upon change vitamin D3.Become in the liver hydroxycholecalciferol, synthesize in the kidneyhydroxycholecalciferol.And two go to the hydrogen vitamin D3 is a formation under the control of the vice- A form line.


(3) Synthetic vitamin D

The treatment uses or the form of the vitamin D of the nourishment only have the vitamin D2, it is achromatic to crystallize a body, don't be dissolved in a water, but is dissolved in the alcohol or organic melting agent very fast, is not greatly either is dissolved in plant oil.The D3 is from the irradiation come of, if the artificial is synthetic, the D2 synthesizes more and easily, the functions are all similar, so sell on the market of is all D2. 


5 skeleton calcium quality want fors cause its out of tune disease

(1) High plant sour and high fat etc. in the baby's kid's rickets disease, cartilage disease, food, cause in lack of the vitamin D and calcium to adhere to material in the food.

(2) The bile duct jams, belly cavity disease Bing, the stomach will cause to absorb badly after cutting off, the cause lack of in the gall, the bowel way pathological changes.

(3) The entry-level Dan hardens, the anti- has muscular spasms a treatment, causing the liver iniquity often.

(4) The chronic kidney function shortage, the adrenal glands skin quality sugar fat Chun cures poisoned etc. of Liao, Si, causing the kidney function iniquity often.


6 high vitamin D diseases

Kid's  or adult , the , and take and will have poisoned phenomenon over a long period of time.The vitamin D is poisoned can with the vitamin C, E and the Dan alkali prevent.If the high quantity vitamin D inject, will cause soft extensive lung, kidney organization calcify.If cause the high vitamin D disease from the food, as long as is see is far-gone in the meat form lump disease or the hereditary kidney calcify.Besides, surfeit of vitamin D the poisoned phenomenon is a crack-up, fatigue and lose heavy, fell sick, vomit, descend Li, belly acute pain, have a headache, the calcium quality in the dizziness, blood rising, blood pressure rising.


四、The hairdressing effect of the vitamin D2:

There is very good living creature activity, can stimulate cell, reach to activate the skin and reborn function, use scope very widely, usually still in some cosmeticses, hair color and go to the scurf shampoo in the middle.